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How to choose the right storage units for you

Storage units help keep your home free of clutter or provide you with a place to store goods for business. Choosing the right storage unit will help you in a variety of ways. However, you need to choose the right warehouse for your specific needs.

Here are four tips to help you choose the right storage unit:

Choose facilities with premium security

The last thing you want to do is go back to the storage unit you chose to find that all the items inside have disappeared. Choose storage facilities monitored and supervised outside of business hours to make sure no one tries to steal your valuable belongings.

In addition, the facility should have first-class security features to protect your assets. Search for a storage device with:

  • 24 hour CCTV camera surveillance
  • Adequate interior and exterior lighting
  • Work alarms and locks for every door
  • Passcode-protected gates
  • K9 intrusion deterrent

Ensure security if your preferred storage device has these security features. Don’t settle for inferior security measures as you expose the security of your items to an undesirable risk.

No annoying animals

Pests such as cockroaches, rats and termites can devastate the items you keep in storage units. Therefore, the warehouse of your choice should have pest control measures.

The facility should also use the services of a pest control professional who is a frequent visitor. It is important to prevent infestation as these annoying animals can damage your belongings. For example, cockroaches can ruin household goods and moths can feed on carpets and upholstery.

However, if pest problems occur, the facility should fix the problem immediately. The storage unit you choose should have a partner company that examines, solves and prevents pest-related concerns in the property.

Consider the memory size

At this point, you may be thinking about the size of the storage unit for your items. Think of storage ideas that do justice to the amount of items you need to put away.

Here is a quick guide to the various storage units available to help you make your decision:

Storage units measuring 5 ‘x 5’ and 5 ‘x 10’ are small storage facilities. These are about the size of a compact walk-in closet. Choose these units when you want to store relatively small items such as clothing, children’s toys, documents, and other personal items.

Medium storage units are available in 7.5 ‘x 10’ or 10 ‘x 10’ dimensions. Due to the slightly larger dimensions, you can place larger items in the interior than with small storage units. Here you can store items such as sofas, chairs and large appliances.

Unlike the other two storage size options, you can use large storage facilities in three sizes. These dimensions are 10 ‘x 15’, 10 ‘x 20’ and 10 ‘x 30’.

With the 10 x 15 inch option, you can save content suitable for a two-bedroom apartment. With the 10 ‘x 20’ variant, you can store items that fit into a three-bedroom apartment. Finally, the 10 ‘x 30’ option is relatively large in size to accommodate the contents of four to five bedroom homes.

Select storage unit may require critical thinking to get good value for money. Consider using a warehouse that matches the size and number of items you need to put away. You may not need to keep five stacks of documents in one 10 ‘x 30’ unit unless you have plans in the future to keep other items in this storage facility.

Do you know the cost

In addition to the size of the storage unit, also consider the cost of renting the facility to store your items. The price for renting the space may depend on the length of the rental and the size of the facility you have chosen.

Many warehouses usually offer monthly contracts. This agreement enables customers to use the units in the short or long term. For example, you may move to a different city and only need the storage unit for one month. You can use the warehouse for this period or arrange an extension by renewing the contract if you need more time.

However, some companies that offer warehouse rentals may have a minimum contract of three months. Use a facility that fits your storage and budget needs.

Always think about the size, type, and cost of the storage unit before agreeing to the terms for renting the space. Also use the best security facility to ensure the security of your items. Take the time to think about your options to get great value once you’ve selected the storage device of your choice.