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In love with swivel chairs? here are three you can choose from!

Who doesn’t love a swivel chair?! Whether you admit it or not, there is something magically fascinating about a chair that allows you to spin and rotate 360 degrees. It could bring out the child in anybody! And not only that, they are highly professional as well. Here, we describe to you three types of swivel chairs that you could have in your office or in your rooms.

The Executive Swivel: Often made from polished wood and high quality dark leather, the executive style swivel chairs are characterized by their high back and a rather professional exterior. They are also very expensive, and a grade above employee seating. Besides this, the executive style swivel chair can also be used as a reclining chair sometimes. Though having the look of a standard manager chair, they have all the qualities and mobility of any ordinary swivel chair.

The Stationary Swivel: Having a rather conflicting name, the stationary swivel chair does provide a 360 degree spin and rotation necessarily. However, these chairs are distinguished due to their legless base. Most of these chairs are paired with a five-star base and casters to provide improved mobility, but the stationary type of swivel chair has a rather immobile or fixed base. It is sometimes also called a swivel egg pod chair. They often come in bright colors and can be found in lustrously modern offices.

The Drafting Stool Swivel: This type of swivel chair is a favourite among designers and architects alike. The drafting stool swivel is necessarily a rotating stool chair. It is usually used as a workbench or a drafting table, as is obvious from its name. They are often taller than any other ordinary swivel chair. They usually come with a foot bar so that you may rest your feet while being seated. The drafting stool swivel is not only popular in offices, but also finds its place in home settings, especially kitchens.

So, these were the three types of swivel chairs that you can chose from if you’re fascinated by rotating chairs too. Which one did you love the most?!