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Bathroom trends in 2020

Bathrooms are getting more and more attention in the interior and in 2020 people will be just as interested in decorating their bathrooms as they are in their living room and kitchen. As the focus on bathrooms increases, so does the desire to follow current trends – and there are many of them.

Everyone tries to renew their bathroom and find “the next big thing”. Here are some of the trends that will grow in 2020.

Spacious and green

One of the trends we see in new houses and apartments is that bathrooms take priority in terms of square meters. Other rooms are often downsized to make room for the bathroom. We want our bathrooms to be more spacious and to accommodate more than what is absolutely necessary.

bath2 bathroom trends in 2020

If you want to increase your bathroom, Use some fresh green plants. It brings a bit of color to an otherwise minimalist and clean room and creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere. We have been seeing this for a few years in indoor magazines and plants will always be a timeless trend.

Another big trend is to integrate the bathroom into your bedroom and remove the partition between the two rooms. This makes both the bedroom and the bathroom appear larger and gives your home a modern and minimalist look.

Tiles and colors

In the past few years, people have started to be more colorful when decorating – and not just in the living room or bedroom. We saw many walls in different shades of blue, a palette of colors that is also being used more and more in the bathroom.

and shades of green are very trendy right now, especially because of the calming effect these colors have on us. Blue is often associated with water and harmony, making it the perfect choice for your bathroom.

Warmer colors

If you’re not the biggest fan of the cold and blue color palette, warmer colors like pink and terracotta tones are also popular this year. Combine them with beige or white tones and use large tiles both on the floor and on the walls.

Dark colours

We will continue to see many darker colors, mainly warm and cold shades of gray and blue, especially in bathrooms with windows and natural light. A warm gray color goes well with wood.

Shower and bath

The shower and bath are the centerpieces of the bathroom and should be treated as such. Modern showers are simple and minimalistic, but have a little something extra. Most of them have a “waterfall” shower head where the water falls from the ceiling. Use glass doors with a certain structure or possibly black metal frames.

The bathtubs are also displayed a bit more these days, often in the middle of the room instead of being hidden in a corner. You can also find bathtubs built into one of the walls, often very large with simple lines.