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Beautiful Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to modernize your kitchen is to ditch some overhead cabinets and replace them with shelving instead. Whether you’re planning a total makeover or just want a small modernization, these kitchen shelving ideas will help get you started in the right direction.

Open kitchen shelves not only make your life easier (suddenly you can see everything!), but also give you a stage to display your favorite pieces of kitchen ware, crockery and décor. Open shelving means gone are the days of overstuffing mugs and getting mugs lost in the depths of the cupboard. Instead, everything you need is close at hand and easy to see.

Whether you’re renovating an outdated kitchen or looking to add more storage space to your home, these fresh kitchen organization ideas will open your eyes to the variety and ingenuity of open shelving. They have taken the trouble to put together a beautiful collection of plates, glasses and china. Why put that away so no one can see it? Think creatively about how to present your kitchen set in such a way that you and your guests enjoy it every day.