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How to remove color from garments without ruining them

We all went through this terrible moment when a patch of paint falls on a garment in good condition. In this situation, it is normal to panic after all of the clothing has strongly absorbed the paint until it dries and does not allow the stain to come out. If you want to remove paint on a wall, you need to use abrasives. This is not an option for clothing. But don’t worry, today you can learn how to remove color from clothing without tearing it.

When working with paint, it is normal to wear worn clothes that can get dirty easily. Finally, a drop inevitably splashes on us. However, sometimes we forget this and wear clothes in good condition. It can even happen that we lean against the still damp wall at the end of the painting. Regardless of how the stain arrived, it is important to be able to remove it.

Analyze what you see

Latex paint How to remove color from garments without ruining them

Before removing color from clothing, you should know what type of color you need to remove. Not everyone responds to certain connections the same way, and you can make the situation worse.

There are two types of paints that are used depending on the job: water-based and oil-based. These are divided into other categories.

  • Water-based: they can be acrylic or latex. Acrylic paint is not as robust, so it is used for painting works of art and other handicrafts. Latex paint is stronger and is perfect for walls and ceilings.

oil-based How to remove color from clothing without ruining it

  • Oil-based: due to their composition, these colors are lighter when dried. They can also be applied to a large number of materials without the risk of being erased, e.g. B. metal, wood, plastic, etc.

You should also take into account that not all substances are resistant to these treatments. You may know how to get color out of jeans, but the technique used for them is not the same for cotton.

Test in a small space whether the method you are using damages the garment. If you notice any signs of wear, dispose of them.

When cleaning, use the least harmful and drastic method, and only gradually increase aggressiveness if the previous method has done nothing. It is not recommended to use the most powerful tools first, as these can damage the garment instead of cleaning it. These are generally more expensive.

Most cleaning alternatives should not cause damage. However, keep in mind that this risk is always present when removing color from clothing.

How do I remove color from clothes – dry or wet color?

oilbased1 How to remove color from clothes without ruining them

It is always best to remove a stain while it is still damp. This is especially true for oil-based paints.

After drying, you will most likely need to scrape off the stain to remove the excess before trying to wash it. You can do this with a butter knife or a blunt knife or similar thin-edge utensil.

You can try diluting water-based paint even when it’s dry, although this doesn’t work in all cases.

How to remove paint from clothing – water-based paints

remove_paint2 How to remove color from clothes without ruining them

There is a high probability that the color you used was acrylic or latex. After all, they are the most common options for decorating walls. If it was one of them, the most important thing is to clean it quickly. This type of paint can be cleaned without residue when it is still wet.

Place your garment on a clean cloth or paper towel to prevent color from running through, and try to remove as much stain as possible from above with another absorbent towel. During cleaning, you need to move the material you put under the garment so that it can continue to absorb color.

Soapy water How to remove color from clothing without ruining it

If this is not enough to remove acrylic paint from clothing, dampen a cloth with a liquid detergent and rub the stain. It is rare to use a very strong detergent. However, if you are working on a delicate fabric such as silk, it is recommended to dilute it lightly with a little water.

You can use liquid detergent on white clothing as a replacement. Regardless of what detergent you use, you should apply it to the garment until it foams. Rinse with plenty of water and dry with a clean cloth that you have not used before.

If detergents are not enough, you can try alcohol. Before applying, you should wet the stain with warm water so that it can be removed more easily. Do not pour alcohol directly onto the garment. Use a rag, a piece of cotton, or an old toothbrush to apply it.

Knife How to remove color from clothes without ruining them

Now you need to know how to remove dry paint from clothing. Acrylic paint should solidify into a kind of homogeneous powder. You can scrape it off with a butter knife.

Another homemade solution to dealing with dry paint is to remove it with tape. Place the tape on the stain like a wax and lift it off.

Toothbrush How to remove color from clothes without ruining them

Regardless of whether you removed most of the stain with alcohol, detergent, or a knife, the next thing to do is to wash your clothes as usual to remove the residue. Wash the garment as many times as necessary until the stain is completely gone.

This should be enough to remove acrylic paint from clothing. If all else fails, the best thing to do is go to a dry cleaner to save the garment.

How to remove paint from clothes – oil paints

clean How to remove color from clothing without ruining it

Oil paints are not as popular as their water-based counterparts, but due to their strength and glossy surface, you can still find them on many surfaces. In addition, these paintings are easy to identify because they are thick and almost firm.

The problem is that this resistance means that it is also more difficult to remove if it falls on clothing, but this does not mean that it is impossible. The following tips are perfect for people who are constantly tinkering.

If you are not sure whether the stain was caused by an oil paint, check the packaging. Never try to clean this type of paint with water as this can lead to a real disaster.

Soak To remove color from clothing without ruining it

If the stain is thick, you should first remove as much excess as possible to leave a thin layer on the garment. Use a worn but clean cloth for this.

All oil-based paints have one thing in common: they can be diluted with a solvent. Manufacturers tend to indicate which solvent is the most suitable to remove from the packaging. However, some universal options should work with most colors, even if they’re not included in the recommendations.

clean1 How to remove color from clothing without ruining it

Distilled turpentine is one of these universal options. As long as the garment you clean is not acetate, rayon, or triacetate, you can use it to clean the stain. The best thing is that it is easy to get in hardware stores and paint shops.

Removing oil paint from garments with a solvent is an easy process. Preferably take gloves, take a dry cloth and pour some thinner on it. Simply rub the rag on the garment until the stain comes off.

Stain remover How to remove color from clothing without damaging it

You will then need to soak your garment overnight. This is done using the highest temperature water that the fabric can withstand, and some liquid detergent is applied to the stain beforehand.

If the stain has not disappeared the next morning, prevent the garment from drying out and repeat the process. Apply a stain remover this time to support the solvent. Soak again overnight.

Now you know how to remove color from clothing. If everything else fails, it is best to dry-clean the clothing to avoid damage from applying stronger solvents.

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