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The 5 trendiest door styles of 2019

When renovating your home or building a new one, it is likely overwhelming to think about how many doors you have in your home and what style you want to go with. The average house in the United States has ten doors and the big house in the United States that is white? Well, the house has 412 doors! With 132 rooms and six levels for the first family and everyone who works there, and with many rooms with more than one door (we’ve all seen video footage of the oval office and multiple doors), yes it is many doors.

In reality, you are probably only dealing with ten doors, but that doesn’t make the decision-making process easier. From your front door, which gives the first impression, to your bathroom door to your pantry door, design plays a role.

So what are the five trendiest door designs of 2019?

  1. The barn door – Barn doors are becoming increasingly popular. These doors were originally designed for practical use in barns due to their functionality. Barn doors can be mounted on any wall, on a sliding rail, and are far more durable than pocket doors, which are often made of thin material, not to mention that the wall in which the door is “hidden” is nowhere near as strong to its hollow surface. And because barn doors don’t have to swing in or out to get in or out, they can be used in much tighter spaces. Another benefit is that if left open (or closed) they make a great focal point within a room.
  1. Natural wood – Natural wood doors continue to be popular and trendy for both interior and front entrance doors. In fact, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to simply update their front doors with wood, replacing the previous composite door, and creating an entirely new street presence in the process. Natural wood doors offer a variety of options so homeowners can complement their love of wood with a style that suits the home. From classic to colonial, from Georgian to plantation and many other styles in between, you can absolutely find the right wooden door for you.
  1. Glass doors – Glass doors are ideal for creating an illusion of space and light. Especially popular for homes with great views, outdoor glass doors help you get inside. Glass doors are beautifulas they also offer a very sleek and modern look that is great for a contemporary design.
  1. Revolving doors – Revolving doors ensure a super slim and elongated appearance, but are also practical in their function. These doors swing on a spindle instead of hinges that are attached to a door frame. Revolving doors are heavier to construct and are great for large spaces or when you really want to make a statement. These doors offer a great look both for interior doors that separate two large rooms and as a back door option that leads to a deck, patio, or porch.
  1. Flush doors – Sink doors have a flat surface that is usually only decorated with the doorknob. They are generally made from a blockboard material and then covered with a smooth wood veneer. Most of the sink doors are very inexpensive due to the minimalist materials and therefore relatively easy to install as they are light. Most rinse doors are also chemically treated to ward off termites and fungal growth.

Choosing the right door

When choosing the right door style for your home, consider these quick questions:

  • Will the door style I choose work for every room in the house (e.g. bathroom, bedroom, pantry, etc.)?
  • Do I want a variety of doors, maybe a glass or barn door that separates large rooms, and then more traditional wooden doors for the rest of the house?
  • How high are the ceilings?
  • What type of flooring is in the apartment?
  • How big is the house
  • Which way will the door swing? In most cases, unless you use a barn door or pocket door, or a swing door that rotates into both rooms, doors swing into the room.
  • Would you like a painted door or a natural wood look?
  • How durable do your doors have to be? Thickness and material are important as doors help block and absorb sound. Thicker doors can add value to households with small children who are less gentle with doors or who need a completely quiet place before bed.

Remember that your doors are a significant investment in your home and in most cases can withstand daily use, sometimes many, many times a day. Therefore, the design and durability require careful consideration. And if you don’t think through the style, you can be pretty disappointed if you don’t get the look you want.